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How We Test

The Goscoot Real World Test regime.

Course Specs


Elevation - 57 metres of change

Course - 9.3 km

The Course

Providing real-world results

Our scooter tests are conducted on a hilly course in Auckland, using Mode 2 on all the scooters, and always riding as fast as it safe to do so. This is because we don't ride scooters on perfectly flat ground, like the manufacturers do when range testing, and we want our scooters to be suitable for every journey, whether your daily commute, or simply a trip down to the shops.


The faster you ride, the heavier the rider and the hillier the route all affect range. It is not unusual for testing regimes from the factory to be in mode 1 (often just 15 kph) on the flat. But that's not the real world. 


We use the same rider for every test, and keeping our scooters in the same mode means that they travel at a similar speed for consistent results. 

We send our test rider out with a helmet and some sandwiches to keep going on the loop until the scooter runs out of steam. We set record the route on Strava. Then our man has to walk the scooter back to our test base, to do it again on another scooter.


If you think being paid to ride a scooter sounds like a dream job, there's nothing like testing 9 scooters going round and round to make you consider your chosen career path. But that's the price our tester had to pay to bring you our Goscoot Real World Test Results.

Mr Tester. We salute you. You know who you are. 

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