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H20 by H&O - Long Range

H20 by H&O - Long Range

Our of stock at our warehouse. See your local dealer for stock. Delivery January 2023.

H&O's H20 is much more than just a way of transport. When you need to travel faster and further the H20 should be your choice. H20 domintes becuase it has a powerful motor, and a big 48V battery. The downside is you wont be carrying this up a flight of stairs easily, because it weights in at 20kg. 


This stylish scooter has an incredibly smooth and stable ride but beneath the surface it hides a powerful interior. It boasts 10 inch pneumatic tyres, suspension in both the front and rear and a massive 42km range so you can go anywhere you want, whenever.


The H20 also has a top speed of 35kph so you can get there even faster. It has three power modes as well as a walking mode for when you need that extra boost to push it along. And to wrap it all up, there is a front drum and rear disk brake for confident stopping. 


  • 12 months warranty. Return to Go Scoot HQ or to your local dealer for repair or replacement.

    We will determine within 48 hours whether we can repair your scooter, and if we can't repair it, we will replace it, if the fault is caused by poor materials or workmanship.

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