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H10 10.0 Ah by H&O - Long Range

H10 10.0 Ah by H&O - Long Range

Our of stock at our warehouse. See your local dealer for stock.

H&O's stunning new scooter is a breath of fresh air. Packed with cool features and great tech this scooter will be a winner. The stylish deck with lattice head stock is crafted in magnesium alloy, the H10 gets 9 inch air filled tyres (always a better ride than PU tyres; we specify them that way because there's a reason cars don't have solid tyres), a 3 speed motor and the coolest deck design you've seen.


You can buy the H10 in two versions (they look identical), Standard Range (SR) and Long Range (LR). This is the LR version which has a theoritical 33 km range. 



H10 is highlighted by its underside blue LED lights and its unique headstock design.  The ride is smooth, and the brakes are strong - they feature a front drum brake and a rear e-brake which work together to bring you to a halt impressively quickly. 


Can be folded for transport.


The H10 models are the perfect choice if you have a multi-modal commute.


  • 12 months warranty. Return to Go Scoot HQ or to your local dealer for repair or replacement.

    We will determine within 48 hours whether we can repair your scooter, and if we can't repair it, we will replace it, if the fault is caused by poor materials or workmanship.

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